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Naimah is a transformational coach and inspirational speaker with a focus in inspiring and uplifting others.  Naimah's message is centered on loving and valuing yourself in order to be of service to others. She has been featured in national magazines including Woman’s Day, Cash Flow, and Home Computing Magazine.  

Naimah's workbook and most popular topic as a keynote speaker is a Simple Path to Peace, Self-Compassion & Love, a theme relevant to a wide range of audiences. Naimah teaches us the universal power of thought, belief, and perception.  She believes that if you truly value and love yourself, then every decision you make will be from that foundation. Naimah teaches with that understanding you will feel worthy, deserving and ready to experience more health, wealth and joy.

He recent work is a children’s book entitled The Wonderful You.  It is an epic that follows the life of her enduring creation Pooky Poo.  In her book, the main character seems cursed by feelings of being lost, lonely, and afraid before she discovers the truth of the power she possesses within. The Wonderful You is full of thrilling adventure and unforgettable messengers that share their wisdom with Pooky Poo. Parents and grandparents will want to pass this book down to their children and grandchildren.  Boys and girls ages 3-8 will love this enchanting book.