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Stogie Amir Kenyatta

Stogie Kenyatta Jamaican born and Brooklyn bred; Stogie Kenyatta was classically trained at the Afro Am. Studio in Harlem, Henry St. Settlement & Al Fann Theatrical Ensemble. A finalist in the N.Y. State Theatre competition with artistic director, John Houseman; he also studied Screenwriting & Political Science at the University of California & later; privately with Ivan Markota at the Van Mar Academy for Television & Film Acting.

He has amassed over 30 television credits from Sit–coms, Film to Soap Operas. Guest Starring on J.A.G.- Bold & Beautiful, Batman & Robin, Half Past Dead, ER, Bernie Mac Show, FBI, to name a few.

A character actor with leading man appeal he has authentic Jamaica, British and African dialects; and has played many on screen.

As a Stand up Comedian he Co -Headlined USO Comedy Tours in Tokyo, Japan and Okinawa. He has appeared on the Gulf of Mexico, the South of France, London and Comedy Clubs around the Country.

He is the Writer/Artist of the acclaimed One Man Show on the life of Paul Robeson. “The World is my Home – The Life of Paul Robeson”.

The play has been performed at over 200 Universities from Yale to The Univ. of the West Indies, hired by The Dept. of Education of the US Virgin Islands for six shows in St. Thomas & St. Croix. Has worked with the US Embassy & State Dept in Barbados & Nassau, as well as sold out appearances from Kona, Hawaii to six Caribbean Islands. The first show to appear at The National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, The Museum of NYC, as well as Theater Festivals in Miami, Hollywood & Paradise Island, Bahamas.

This play is the most challenging performance of his career & the piece of work of which he is most proud. The play; a Tribute to the Legacy of this tortured American Genius; hopes to inspire others to emulate the life of Robeson & propel them to greater achievement & a more noble life. To awaken a new generation so that the lost brilliance of Paul Robeson doesn’t remain lost. To let all people know; that the best of Paul Robeson lives in all of us & with it the power to change the World.

One Man ShowStogie is a sought after Master of Ceremonies, performer and keynote Speaker.

Theatrical performance – A One Man Show – “The World is my home: The Life of Paul Robeson”

  1. Using Theater as a vehicle for Social Change the shows covers the significance of the Harlem Renaissance, Education, Cultural Diversity & Social Justice. 
  2. An entertaining, educational, romanticized history lesson using Robeson's life to examine the vital role slavery's descendants played in America's amazing yet painful history.
  3. From the horrors of the Slave Trade, to the shame of the Holocaust. showing us that in spite of our differences; we still have more in common than we do in conflict.
  4. That while nations may go to war; it's arts & culture that unites us. and if we accept the fatherhood of God; we must accept the Brotherhood of man.